A Summer School Program in Ontario – Does Your Child Need One?

Many people grew up thinking that summer school was this cruel place where slackers and those who struggle to keep up are sent to whittle away their vacation days stuck in books so they can rejoin the rest of the class in the succeeding academic year. However, there is so much more to summer school in Ontario than being a remedial class. A lot of parents (and children) voluntarily choose summer school Mississauga secondary programs to help keep students sharp and prepare them for the demands of the academic year ahead. Summer school in Mississauga can be valuable to all—lagging learners and achievers included.

It isn’t uncommon for a child to suffer “summer slide” after two months (or a longer period) of being away from school. Long vacation periods can have a detrimental effect on a child’s progress, especially when learning isn’t reinforced with any kind of enrichment over the school break. The great thing about summer classes is that they are designed differently than regular classes. These programs are typically condensed and spread over shorter hours of classes over the summer break.

Another reason your child might need to go to summer school in Ontario is when they need to keep up with certain subjects they might be lagging behind, or perhaps challenge themselves with more advanced courses, which can likewise be used as credits for their particular program.

Summer school programs are also great avenues to test the waters of a particular school or institution you might be considering to switch to. There are few ways more effective than actually immersing your child in a particular environment when trying to decide whether or not a particular school or program works for them. Summer schools provide the perfect venue for these crucial tipping points.

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