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5 Things to Think About When Choosing A Summer School in Mississauga

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Summer school courses aim at enhancing student knowledge on specific subjects. The courses are short and they are meant to last within the summer holiday so as to allow students have time to go and concentrate on school work. If well taught, summer courses can improve student’s academic performance and enable them to proceed to the next step. Not all summer schools are competent though which is why parents and guardians must know some things that would lead to the selection of a perfect summer school.

Look at the Teachers

Teachers must be certified, a true indication that they are well-educated in the subjects they teach. Certification is also an indication that teachers possess superior teaching skills that enable them to teach students appropriately.  Teachers must know the subject well for them to explain concepts perfectly. If possible, look for a summer school that specializes in teaching the subjects that your young one would like to study. Teachers must be sufficient with regard to admissions made to improve student monitoring and individualistic student consideration. Once all these factors related to teachers hold positive, you can decide to enroll your kid in that school.

Resources Available for the School

Some disciplines or subjects are more of practical than theory, an example is physics and chemistry for high school students.  The subjects require a lot of laboratory practical sessions. For that reason, find out if the resources needed in the training or learning of your child are present in the summer school. Once you know the school has sufficient resources, you can then enroll your child. Resources are what inject knowledge to students not only for purposes of excelling in exam but also to become reliable professionals in the future.

Goal Setting and Feedback

The aim of students enrolling for summer courses is because they want to attain some level of understanding or competency that they don’t possess. A perfect summer school must look at the student objectives and be able to plan on how those objectives would be attained within that set time frame. Teachers must assess students and know their progress so that they understand whether or not the student is attaining those planned objectives or goals. Feedback must be given to student’s guardians or parents so that they know the progress of the child. Proper goal setting always leads to quality learning.

Without having an aim, no teacher would know the progress of a student. The provisional assessments, individualistic tutorials, and private student-teacher talks assist in knowing students’ weaknesses and strength. This is good for proper teaching.  

A Friendly Environment for Learning and Co-Curriculum Activities

Where is the school located? Schools located in busy towns or cities may not be conducive for student learning because of the regular noise. A student may also be tempted to sneak out of school to have some fun at night. A school must be located in a very separate land where the hooting of city cars and bustling sounds of city people is not felt or heard. The compound must be well maintained and there should be a field for various games for students to play and refresh their minds.

If it is a boarding school or college, dormitories or hostels must be clean and sufficient for comfortable and healthy student stay. A dirty school environment where students do not feel comfortable is not perfect for student learning. Some of them may end up missing home leading to them not attaining the set objectives which is not good to both students and teachers.

Correct Curriculum

Canada a curriculum for every subject or discipline that students must be taught on. Every school must abide to that curriculum so as to deliver the necessary knowledge to students. As a parent or guardian, ask the school board if it uses the current approved curriculum or not. You can even read at their website for you to know without asking.

Apart from school factors, students must also be prepared by parents or guardians for summer school in order for them to learn well. All required items or tools must be bought for the students and encouragement or motivation must also be provided. Some students cannot learn properly simply because the parents didn’t prepare the children well both interns of requirements and psychologically.


Not all summer schools are good for your children so take your time and find the best reputable school. You can even check at the reviews from parents who previously took their children there.