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Private School Canada

Here at USCA Academy, we offer you exceptional education and learning from highly experienced and qualified teachers and tutors. USCA Academy is a registered and accredited secondary private school located in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Being located in one of the largest hubs in Canada, our students have access to all the resources and amenities they need. In addition to our local students, we welcome international students from abroad to come study at our institution.

Here at USCA Academy, we provide our students with the quality education and care they need to be successful throughout their elementary, secondary, and post-secondary academic career.

If you are planning to enroll yourself or your child at USCA Academy, we offer secondary school credit courses, and elementary school, middle school, secondary school, and post-secondary tutoring. We also provide ESL programs for non-English speakers. Secondary school credit courses we provide include Grade 9-10 Science, Math and English, and Grade 11-12 Functions, Advanced Functions, English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

In addition, we offer tutoring services for all grades starting from elementary level up until High School and Post-Secondary. We tutor a wide variety of subjects including Math, English and Science courses.

USCA Academy is located in the Greater Toronto Area, in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Our prime location gives our students access to major public transportation routes and major attractions. Our location is a less than 10-minute walk from the Square One Shopping Centre which ensures our students can use public transportation if need be to get to our location. In addition, this provides students with quick access to the Shopping Centre which is the largest shopping centre in Ontario and the second largest shopping centre in Canada, with more than 360 stores and services. Downtown Toronto is also just a 30 minute bus ride or 20 minute drive away! Further providing access to major Canadian attractions such as the CN Tower and Air Canada Centre for events.

At USCA Academy our teachers have years of experience working with students of all backgrounds and academic levels and can quickly adapt to their way of learning. Our teachers here cater to the needs of our students and adjust our pace based on their learning skills.

Enroll yourself or your child today and receive the best quality education and tutoring services in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada!

USCA Academy is a fully registered and accredited secondary school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training.

In Ontario, private schools operate as businesses or non-profit organizations in accordance with the legal requirements established by the Education Act.

A full list of Private Schools on the Ministry of Education’s website can be downloaded below.

Ontario Ministry of Education’s website: