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Preparing for university can be an overwhelming experience for high school students who earn their secondary school diploma. They would have to decide which school they want to attend and make sure that they can qualify. OUAC guidance could help them with that. It will also help navigate the Ontario University Applications Centre, which is the centralized hub for processing undergraduate applications for admission to any university in Ontario.

At the OUAC website, students must create their accounts to get started. To qualify, you should be able to meet all requirements. If you are a student who is getting ready to go to university or college in Ontario, you should be aware of the OUAC programs that are available to you. That way, you can apply way before the deadline, depending on the program you are interested in or whether you are still in high school.

Keep in mind that admission decisions are not the responsibility of OUAC. That is up to the universities. OUAC is simply the application service for upcoming university students. It receives and processes the applications, which will then be transferred to your selected universities. OUAC guidance is offered by reputable schools with programs to help high school students prepare their requirements to qualify for the centralized service.

OUAC programs encompass courses that you would have to take during the day at any Ontario high school. If you have already finished high school, you can still qualify, given that you have not been out of high school for over seven consecutive months, and you have not yet attended any post-secondary institution like career college, college, or any other university. 

Remember that you need to possess or expect to receive your OSSD with six 4U/M courses at the end of a current year. Students must also be under 21 years of age. Get in touch with a school that can help you with OUAC in Canada to get started.