Your Path to Higher Education: The OUAC Application Process

Stepping into the journey as an international student and venturing into the vast landscape of Canadian education can feel like navigating through a new world. You’re not just switching classrooms or campuses but entirely changing landscapes, cultures, and often languages. The process may seem daunting at times, with new terminologies and procedures such as the OUAC application process. So, what are the steps you should take when applying through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC)?

Steps to apply through OUAC

Embarking on your OUAC application process involves several systematic steps. Follow these to ensure a successful application:

  1. The first step involves creating an account with OUAC if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Upon account creation, make sure to note down your username and password for future access. This information is crucial for your application process and should be kept confidential and secure.
  3. Use your newly obtained application access codes to log into your application for the first time.
  4. Be meticulous and thorough when completing all sections of your application.
  5. Carefully review your program selections before confirming your choices by clicking on “I Verify and Agree.”
  6. To avoid any last-minute rush, submit your application along with the required payment well before the 101 application deadline and any specific deadlines related to your chosen university program.
  7. Don’t forget to record your OUAC Reference Number and save it in a secure place. This number will be required for all future communications with OUAC and your preferred universities.

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