Why Your Child Needs a French Tutor in Mississauga

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If French is already taught at school, why should you still hire a French Tutor for your kids? Because it can help them improve their proficiency faster. Having a private tutor will let your child experience the following benefits:

Develop a stronger foundation in the French language 

Did you know that Canada is next to France when it comes to having the largest number of French speakers? This is why it’s important to be fluent in French in this country. Proper language education is key to proficiency, and with a private tutor, your kids can develop a stronger foundation. 

Understand the difference between standard and Canadian French

The French spoken in France is different from the language spoken in Canada. They vary in terms of word usage and speech patterns. Many subtle differences can have a big impact on the meaning of a message. That’s why language must be taught thoroughly and carefully. With a professional language tutor, your children will better understand and distinguish the differences between the standard and Canadian French. 

Practice, practice, practice

The secret to language proficiency is using it regularly. If you don’t speak French enough, then the progress will be slow. Regular sessions with a private French tutor give your children more avenues to practice where they feel comfortable and less pressured. 

Learn from a native speaker 

Many foreign language teachers at schools are not fluent speakers and don’t have proper training in language learning. This is another reason why hiring a tutor is desirable. It gives you an opportunity to select the most qualified teacher, preferably someone who is a native French speaker with years of teaching experience. Such a teacher will be more knowledgeable about grammar, composition, and vocabulary. A reliable tutor can help your children develop techniques and build the right habits, too.


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