Why is USCA Academy One of the Best Elementary Schools?

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It’s during elementary schooling kids learn about themselves, the people around them, and about the world. During this stage in their academic and social life, they build experiences that can surely affect their choices later on. That’s why selecting the best Mississauga elementary school is crucial! 


One of the most prominent elementary schools in the area is USCA Academy. It is an international private school that commits to providing a high quality of education. Here are the specific reasons why USCA Academy is the best Mississauga elementary school:


Custom programs and methodologies 


The academy allows children to learn at their own pace, recognizing the fact that every child is unique in terms of learning preferences, interests, and talents. When the instructional methodology matches their learning capabilities and lets them proceed at their own pace, they get to enjoy the learning process. There is less pressure and more fun.   


Project-based and inquiry-based learning


Elementary students usually have a short attention span that hinders them from achieving their full academic potential. This is why the school promotes project-based and inquiry-based education. PBL or project-based learning is a methodology that encourages students to actively engage in real-world and meaningful activities. Students have to demonstrate their understanding of a topic by creating a product or doing a presentation in front of an audience. 


Meanwhile, inquiry-based learning banks on the children’s natural curiosity. Most kids are inherently curious about the world and have a desire to learn. The school uses an inquiry-based approach so that kids will feel the freedom to ask questions spontaneously. But not only that. This approach also teaches students how to form the right questions and find the answers. They may do research or do activities in pursuit of answers! 

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