Why is OUAC the Best Platform for Undergraduate Students?

It’s no secret that undergraduate applicants have it much easier these days. Now, almost everything can be done online, from browsing your dream universities to applying for a program. And of course, it’s all thanks to one platform—the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC).

But what makes this system so special?

  • The OUAC is convenient.

Years ago, aspiring university students in Ontario would undergo time-consuming application processes. Everything had to be done manually, such as directly applying to individual schools and replying to separate offers.

Things weren’t much easier on the university side, either. The admissions office struggled with a surplus of applications, with no guarantee that a student would show up.

As a result, the Ontario Universities Application Center was established to act as a centralized hub for university applications, high school transcripts, and offers of admission. It is the bridge between schools and their prospective students, preventing miscommunication and duplication of information!

  • The OUAC is open to a wide range of applicants.

You are required to meet some eligibility requirements before applying to a university. OUAC 101 applications are open to current Ontario high school students under 21, applying to their first year of an undergraduate degree. In addition, they must have their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSDs) by the end of the year. Meanwhile, OUAC 105 applications are open for both Canadian residents and non-residents.

  • The OUAC is accessible.

Forget about waiting in long lines and getting stuck in traffic. The OUAC system makes it much easier for you to apply to various schools. You can apply right from the comfort of your home through the OUAC website and receive updates via email. In addition, you can easily browse different universities and their programs online, making everything much more convenient.

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