Where Can You Find the Best OUAC Programs?

Are you trying to enter an Ontario university? The province requires applicants to go through a centralized hub for applications — the Ontario University Applications Center. Here, you can register for your chosen OUAC programs and so much more.

Searching for OUAC programs

Before you can apply through the OUAC website, you’ll need to check if you’re eligible. There are two criteria, depending on your status:

  • OUAC 101 applicants

This application is for students under 21 years old currently enrolled in an Ontario high school. In addition, you must not have been out of it for more than seven months.

Finally, you must have or be expecting to receive your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) at the end of the year.

  • OUAC 105 applicants

This application is for Canadian residents and non-residents who are not currently attending an Ontario high school.

Once you’ve determined which application is right for you, you can proceed to the application process. The steps below are for 101 applicants:

  • Explore different universities

Discover which Ontario universities you want to apply for by checking their publications and websites. Make sure to note their different programs, eligibility criteria, admission requirements, and deadlines.

For instance, Brock University offers programs such as Biotechnology, Political Science, Music, and Accounting. You can also check other resources, including Ontario Universities Fairs, webinars, and the Ontario Universities’ Info website.

  • Apply for your chosen OUAC programs

There’s no limit to how many Ontario universities you can apply for, but you are restricted to a maximum of three programs per institution. After determining which programs you want, create an account on the OUAC website and remember your login details.

Fill in all sections on the application page, review your entries, and finally, click “I Verify and Agree” to complete the process. Then, you can record your OUAC Reference Number!

After completing your OUAC program application, regularly check your email for updates. You can expect to receive an offer of admission or refusal from your chosen universities.

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