Things to Consider Before Enrolling in an Elementary School in Mississauga

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Are you moving your family to Ontario? Many elementary schools can accommodate your child in Mississauga. The options include private and public schools and international schools, which accept both local and international students. Elementary education is one of the most important aspects of your child’s learning experience, so it makes sense for you to be careful in choosing schools. That said, here are things you can consider to make an informed choice before you proceed with the admissions process:

The school’s reputation

Go over selecting elementary schools and narrow them down to the most reputable and accredited academic institutions in Ontario. Ensure they have a good reputation among parents and students and teach the Ontario Curriculum. Choose a school with highly trained and certified teachers committed to providing a high-quality and enjoyable learning experience to their pupils. 

The elementary program

Every elementary school will vary in the way they execute their education program. The best ones are known to encourage students to learn in a more personalized manner and at their own pace. The focus is on nurturing the learner’s natural curiosity while encouraging a love of learning. To achieve that, the program must be stimulating with inquiry-based and project-based learning. 

The curriculum

It is essential for elementary schools to cover all subjects, from the core ones like science, mathematics, social studies and world issues, and language, to history, geography, health, music, French, and Physical education. 

Teaching methodology

Reputable Mississauga elementary schools use a combination of traditional and advanced learning methods, like textbooks, educational videos, workbooks, scholarly online journals, and much more. Teachers are focused on helping learners develop their creative and critical thinking skills, too, so they can be more confident in solving real-life problems with creative, interesting solutions. 


Learn about the application process and the requirements, and when your child can apply. Some schools accept students even in the middle of the semester.

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