5 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing an Elementary School

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An elementary school significantly contributes to laying out a foundation for your children’s future when it comes to letting them attain their educational goals. Therefore, you need to be very particular with your approach to single out a school for your child.

As a parent, choosing from many international schools out there is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions to make. When you search for an elementary school for your child, one thing is for certain that there would barely be any facility that will divulge their flaws.

The majority of the elementary school will present everything about them in a positive way to influence you to get your child to enroll in international schools. Therefore, it becomes important to ask a few essential questions to your child’s perspective of international school to make sure your children are enrolling in the right school.

So without further talking, let’s straight away jump into those crucial questions you must ask before you finally let your child take admission in an international school.

  1. How The Teachers Handle Bullying?

This is one of the most important factors that have to be considered in elementary schools in Mississauga or elsewhere. A student shall not be intimidated or try to intimidate other students with his/her action or words. Bullying can have negative impacts on students for life, so make sure your child’s prospective elementary handles it very well.

The teachers of the school must have undergone anti-bullying training to better deal with such situations. Also, the elementary must have strict bullying policies to make sure such incidence doesn’t take place,

  1. Ask About The student-teacher Ratio?

While searching for a Mississauga elementary school, or any school near your place, you need to make sure a single teacher doesn’t handle a whole heap of students. No matter how many great facilities an elementary school has to offer, if the teachers-students ratio is not good enough, you should rethink your decision of letting your children enroll in that school.

A teacher won’t be able to pay enough attention to the children if a teacher is managing plenty of students in a class. So make sure your child doesn’t get overlooked in a class by ensuring a great teacher-student ratio.

  1. How Behavior Issues Are Handled

At some point in time, a child may misbehave, be it with a teacher, be it classmates, or anyone. It’s very important for the students to understand why what they’ve done is a problem, as well as how to correct it.

They also need to be aware of the consequences and why these consequences exist. More than this, they need positive reinforcement to let them improve their behavioral issues. Disciplinary policies have to be there in the school that you should be comfortable with.

  1. How Teachers Deal With Different Learning Needs of Children?

It can also be a part of the question of the “teacher and students” ratio. We all know that not all students learn the same. We all have different learning capabilities. Some students can easily comprehend certain things whereas some students find it very difficult to grasp things. In fact, all students should not be expected to learn the same way. Thus, make sure the teaching approach of your child’s perspective school meets the learning needs of your children.

  1. What Sets Your Elementary School Apart?

Every school comes with different qualities and specializations. While some elementary schools may focus on sports, other ones will focus on art and other such activities. You need to find out what your children are more inclined towards or their passion and try to single out some schools that focus on the same.

In order to find out the best elementary school in Mississauga, or any desired location, you should also know what the school is the proudest of. Is it their parent’s involvement? Is it the success rate of their students, or is it any type of facility that they offer?  Ask about these specializations from multiple schools and find out what fits your child best.


So these were a few questions that you should be asking to an elementary school before finally getting your child’s admission there. Some parents may hesitate to ask a bunch of questions to the teachers, but you should not hold yourself back. Ask as many questions as you want because it’s about the future of your child.

With that being said, let’s wrap up the blog right here with f5 questions mentioned. In case you’re also looking for the best elementary schools in Mississauga, feel free to reach out.

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