Private Schools vs Public Schools – 3 Reasons Why Private Schools in Mississauga are Better Than Public Schools

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Many parents are caught between sending their children to public schools and private schools. Public schools are free and are more open to accepting kids regardless of academic abilities. But if quality education is a top priority, then consider enrolling your child in a private school in Mississauga.

Smaller class sizes

Public schools tend to have bigger student populations and bigger class sizes. Each class usually has more than 25 students but only one teacher. This often means that teachers are unable to provide personalized and individualized attention.

Class sizes in Mississauga private schools are smaller, so the teachers have more time to focus on each child. Smaller class sizes mean every student gets noticed, heard, and recognized. No one is left behind. It’s also much easier for students get to know each other, connect with each other better, and develop a stronger bond. In fact, many private-school kids end up becoming friends for life.

Dedicated and qualified teachers

Because teachers in private schools tend to earn more and handle smaller classes, they are able to pursue higher studies and other continuing education programs. This allows them to advance their qualifications and gain more teaching experience, which is ultimately to the benefit of their students. Private schools also provide the right learning facilities and ideal learning environment to help teachers be the best that they can be.

Safe and friendly school community

Private schools are often safer than public schools because they have stricter security measures. There are more adults (teachers and staff) supervising students, so bullying is spotted and prevented. Any suspicious behaviours are reported immediately. Necessary disciplinary actions are also given right away. Aside from offering a safe environment, private schools also aim to build a higher sense of community.


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