Parents’ Guide to Choosing the Best Elementary School in Mississauga

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Whether your child is entering a big school or transferring to another elementary school, you want to make sure that you are choosing the best elementary school in Mississauga. But like any parent, you are probably worried about making the wrong choice. Here are ten points to guide you on looking for the best elementary schools in the city.

Small student-to-teacher ratio 

How do you know if your child will be given enough attention and care? Ask the school about their average class size. Unlike college students, elementary students require more help and guidance in their studies and in doing activities. That’s why a small student-to-teacher ratio is highly recommended. A 15:1 ratio (or better) is ideal because this allows teachers to provide individualized attention. They can address the learning difficulties of each child and keep track of their progress.

Ministry of Education accreditation

Be sure to double-check the institution’s registration and accreditation with Ontario’s Ministry of Education by visiting the department’s official site and directory of private schools. Make sure that they are operating legally and are meeting the legal requirements established by the Education Act.

Think about extracurricular activities  

The best elementary schools in Mississauga train well-rounded individuals who excel in academics and extracurricular activities. They offer various programs that appeal to children’s interests, such as sports, music, drama, and more.

Consider an international school 

In Mississauga, international private schools prepare students for the future by teaching them skills that they will need to thrive in higher education. Their world-class curricula and programs set them apart from others. Many graduates from such schools get accepted to prestigious secondary schools in the country and abroad. They become global citizens and modern learners capable of competing against other learners from across the world.

Get to know their teachers 

What are the qualifications and experiences of their teachers? Do they offer continuing professional development opportunities for their faculty? These are important questions to ask because the teachers’ quality will certainly affect the quality of education your kids will receive.


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