OSSD High School Diploma Takes You a Step Ahead To Achieving Academic Milestones

OSSD High School Diploma: The term OSSD refers to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, it is a diploma which is given to secondary school graduates in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is a part of the publicly-funded province-wide school system. This diploma is awarded to all students who complete the Ontario education curriculum; it is also given to the students in Special Education, TOPS program, Ma CS program, IB program & other focused secondary school programs.

Diploma Requirements

The academic credit system applies to students who are in Grade 9 to Grade 12. To get an Ontario Secondary School Diploma the students must get the following compulsory credits.

  1. 4 credits in one’s first language (English or French) (from grade 9-12, one credit per year).
  2. 3 credits in Mathematics with at least one credit in grade 11 or 12.
  3. 2 credits in science, one in grade 9 and one in grade 10.
  4. 1 credit in Canadian History in grade 10.
  5. 1 credit in Canadian Geography in grade 10.
  6. 1 credit in arts.
  7. 1 credit in health & physical education.
  8. 1 credit in one’s second language French or English.
  9. 0.5 credits in grade 10 career studies.
  10. 0.5 credits in grade 10 civics.

Subjects Offered in OSSD High School

The subjects that are offered in OSSD high school are as follows:

  1. English/French.
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Science.
  4. Arts.
  5. Health & Physical education.
  6. Canadian History.
  7. Canadian Geography.
  8. Career Studies.
  9. Civics.
  • Eligibility

To get the OSSD diploma the student has to be a resident of Ontario & any of the following:

  1. Refugee Claimant.
  2. Permanent Resident.
  3. Convention Refugee.
  4. Canadian Citizen.
  • Advantages of OSSD

Enrolling in the OSSD course comes with many benefits for students in their academic, personal & professional life. The following are the advantages of the OSSD diploma:

  1. Best in class Canadian Curriculum- this diploma program has been developed by the top educators of the Ontario Ministry of Education, to exceed the expectation levels set by the Ministry of Education, Canada.
  2. Qualification recognized globally- not only in North America but the entire world recognizes this course as a strong point of an aspirant’s educational qualification. In fact, it serves as one of the prime criteria sought by the reputed universities in the world. The diploma is recognized in North America, UK, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and so on.
  3. Optimum teacher-student ratio- a small class size ensures the highest attention of the teachers for all aspirants. The prime aim of the school or academy is to impart knowledge and make the resources more useful for aspiring candidates. The faculty is formed with handpicked, verified and experienced teachers. Hence, we focus on delivering a personalized learning experience in a positive environment.
  4. Work and migration to Canada- once the students complete their undergraduate programs, they may find employment for three years and can seek migration to Canada. There are immigration Specialists who can help with work visa, study visa or Permanent resident application.
  5. University admission guaranteed- apart from the assistance, the OSSD certificate is surely going to assist the aspirants to get admission to the best North American Universities or universities in other countries like UK, Australia and New Zealand.
  6. Flexible student intake and credit transfer- with five student intake semesters a year (September, November, February, April & July), the academy or school allows you to start when it’s most convenient for you. The math and the English placement tests ensure you start at the right level.
  7. Constant assessment throughout the course- there should be proper assessment and evaluation of the performance has to be done continuously to ensure the overall development of the young minds. Every principal element of the learning platform needs to be considered while assessing their performance.
  8. Online resources- the entire OSSD study material can be accessed online. The 24/7 portal helps the students to find relevant study material and complete his/ her course with convenience.

To conclude it can be said that apart from the academics the students need to complete 40 hours of community service which can take place in various settings such as business, non-profit organizations, etc.

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