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The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) is the centralized, not-for-profit application service for students who wish to apply to universities in Ontario. It gets and processes the applications before transferring them to the universities you have selected. It may not make admission decisions, but you can get OUAC guidance from your school if you want to determine which university is best for you, in case you are having difficulty in making an informed choice. With their help, you can also learn about OUAC programs and how to take advantage of them.

As you consider programs offered by OUAC Canada, you will need to sign up for an account on their official website and make sure that you can meet their requirements. The deadline for applications can depend on the program you are applying to and your educational attainment (i.e. whether you are still in high school or not). Be sure to familiarize yourself with the following requirements for OUAC programs:

  • You are enrolled in courses during the day at any Ontario high school. This covers students returning for the second semester, as well as those who have graduated but are returning to upgrade courses.
  • You have not been out of high school beyond seven consecutive months.
  • You have not attended any post-secondary institution (career college/university/college).
  • You expect to get or have already received your Ontario Secondary School Diploma with six 4U/M courses when the current year ends.
  • You are applying to an undergraduate degree program as a first-year student or a diploma program at an Ontario university.
  • You must be under 21 years of age.

OUAC guidance could help you go over your choices in universities and the programs you are interested in. Once you have created an account with OUAC, and have completed your application, take note of your reference number and verify your details. Universities should acknowledge that they received your application, so make sure their emails and any other OUAC Canada correspondence are not going to your spam folder.