Demystifying the OSSD Requirements: Your Path to Ontario High School Graduation

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is a critical milestone in a student’s educational journey, paving the way for future academic and professional success. USCA Academy, accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, specializes in guiding both local and international students through their OSSD requirements. Our inclusive approach welcomes all secondary school students to complete their high school education in Canada, enhancing their prospects for higher education in North America’s top universities. USCA Academy equips students with the necessary resources and support to successfully meet their academic goals.

USCA Academy’s OSSD program is developed and designed by industry-leading educators at the Ontario Ministry of Education. The school meets the Ministry’s expectations and standards in assisting students in completing their requirements for OSSD, preparing them for success in university and beyond.

Understanding the credit requirements for OSSD

So, what exactly are the requirements for OSSD? At USCA Academy, we assist students in completing 30 high school course credits: 18 compulsory and 12 elective courses. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what students need to complete:

  • 1 credit per grade in English (equivalent to a total of 4 credits)
  • 3 credits in mathematics, with at least 1 from Grade 12 or 11
  • 2 Science credits
  • 1 Canadian Geography credit
  • 1 Arts credit
  • 1 Canadian History credit
  • 1 in French as a second language
  • 1 in Physical Education and Health
  • 5 in Career Studies
  • 5 in Civics

Additionally, to fulfill OSSD requirements, students must earn one credit from each of these groups: 

  • Group 1:

English or a third language, social sciences and humanities, cooperative education, career education and guidance, or Canadian world studies

  • Group 2:

The arts, cooperative education, business studies, or health and physical education

  • Group 3:

Cooperative education, technological education (Grades 9-12), or Science (Grade 11 or 12)

Beyond academic credits

Meeting the requirements for OSSD involves more than academic credits. Students must also complete 40 hours of community involvement and pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).

Furthermore, any course approved or certified by the Ontario Ministry of Education will be counted towards the OSSD.

The importance of OSSD

 Achieving the OSSD requirements is a significant step for students in advancing their personal, academic, and professional development. USCA Academy offers all necessary courses to help students earn the credits needed to graduate from high school in Ontario.

In addition, completing OSSD requirements brings several advantages:

  • Globally recognized qualification 

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is among the widely recognized and respected qualifications in Canada and the world. This means students can choose to pursue higher education locally or abroad. Many reputable universities in the UK, North America, Hong Kong, Canada, and Australia acknowledge this diploma, making it worth having for any Canadian student.

  • Improved university admission chances 

Students with an OSSD are more likely to gain admission to top universities in North America and other countries.

  • Easier migration and employment in Canada –

Students who complete their OSSD requirements at USCA Academy have better chances of finding employment after graduation. This way, they can work for three years while aiming to migrate to Canada. USCAA also has an in-house immigration specialist to assist students in securing their work or study visa and permanent resident application to eliminate the guesswork from the process.

Why earn an OSSD at USCA Academy

USCAA offers one of the best OSSD courses accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training. It is fully inspected and registered with the Ministry. The school has a proven record of producing confident and well-rounded students with educational programs that provide personalized attention, service, and support to each learner.

At USCAA, an educational specialist works closely with every learner to meet their unique educational needs through a free evaluation and assessment. This way, students can have better academic outcomes when fulfilling their requirements for OSSD.

  • Optimal class sizes 

USCA Academy maintains an optimum teacher-to-student ratio by limiting its class sizes to just 10 to 25 pupils. Students also have opportunities for one-on-one tutoring. These class setups are ideal to improve lesson delivery and promote effective communication between students and teachers.

  • Qualified educators 

USCAA’s certified teachers are verified and handpicked to ensure everyone has the best learning experience in a safe and supportive environment. These educators are in good standing with the Ontario Ministry of Education and are guaranteed ready to help students fulfill specific and individual educational needs, including requirements for OSSD.

  • Enroll anytime 

USCA Academy offers five intake periods per year— specifically in April, July, September, November, and February—allowing students to start their OSSD requirements at a convenient time.
The academy conducts English and math placement tests to accurately assess each student’s proficiency in these subjects. This approach ensures that students are placed in the appropriate level of courses tailored to their current knowledge and skills. This careful placement is crucial for providing a solid foundation and promoting effective learning right from the start.
USCAA also conducts a Prior Learning Assessment that grants Ontario high school credits for any previous and completed high school work. This way, international students can transfer and start school sooner, regardless of the educational system they studied. These students can also study in Ontario at any time as long as they have a student visa.

  • Ongoing assessment –

Students continuously undergo proper evaluation and assessment to help with their overall development. The school’s learning platform considers all aspects when assessing student performance. Basically, the assessment and evaluation determine 70% of the student’s total grade. Meanwhile, 30% of their grade comes from their final exam result when a semester ends. This way, USCA Academy helps students build more confidence in their studies while minimizing the risks of failure as they complete their requirements for OSSD.

  • The option to study online 

USCA Academy offers flexible learning opportunities for high school students working on their OSSD requirements. Learners can access all OSSD-related compulsory courses and study materials online. The 24/7 portal lets them complete their courses and find related study materials with convenience.

Know more about OSSD.

USCA Academy is ready to assist your child in fulfilling their OSSD requirements. For more information, visit or call (905) 232-0411.

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