Choosing an ESL School in Mississauga – 4 Questions You Should Ask

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Are you an international student thinking of taking English as a Second Language course to pursue higher education in Canada? Are you looking for a good ESL school in Mississauga? Here are four questions that will guide you when evaluating your options.

What are the requirements to enrol in the ESL program?

ESL schools in Mississauga offer various courses—from beginner to advanced—to cater to different needs, language skills, and interests. They require students to take an exam to determine their proficiency level and recommend the most suitable ESL course for them. In general, all schools will require you to take a placement exam, and some will perform in-class assessments to ensure that you are placed in the correct level and program.

What is the qualification and experience of the ESL instructors?

Your ESL teacher will influence your success. How much, how well, and how fast you learn depends a lot on the quality of teaching that your instructor provides. Ensure that the school has certified instructors with good academic background and standing with the Ontario Ministry of Education.

What is the mode of instruction?

You need to ask this question to know which school will be able to match your learning style. Keep in mind that ESL schools in Mississauga vary in terms of their teaching strategies and techniques. If you have a busy lifestyle, you may prefer to enrol in a school with a flexible curriculum schedule. If you are someone who thrives in small groups, you will benefit from a school that maintains small class sizes.

Does the Ministry of Education accredit the school?

You also want to make sure that the ESL school operates under the Ontario Ministry of Education’s supervision. Their ESL courses and other programs as well should meet the standards set by the organization.

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