Cheap Schools in Canada for International Students – Things to Do to Get an Admission

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Moving to Canada does not mean that your child’s educational journey will be greatly interrupted. There are cheap schools in Canada for international students looking to continue their learning under the country’s education system and the province where you will be living. One of the best options is an international school in Mississauga that provides quality education from highly experienced and professional educators. They offer different programs to meet your child’s learning requirements, including elementary and middle school education, high school, and university level preparation programs.

If your child is in high school, there are international schools that can accommodate them at any time during the current school year. So, you do not have to wait too long for enrolment, and your child can get started right away. You need to ensure that you follow the admissions process in your preferred high school for international students. Here’s what you must do to succeed:

  • Apply – Provide the school with a photocopy of your child’s photo ID (i.e. passport pages) and an official transcript from their last three years with an English translation and the school seal. Fill out the admission application form and prepare to pay the application fee. Some cheap schools for international students may ask for a language proof, like the original TOEFL or IELTS test report.
  • Once you have submitted the requirements, a conditional offer with the invoice for the tuition and fees and a list of subsequent materials will be given if your child meets the school requirements. 
  • Pay the tuition – Check with the international school’s finance department on how you can pay for the tuition fees and wait for the official Letter of Acceptance, guardian documents (if your child is under 18), and receipt. You will need these documents for campus registration and to apply for a student visa. 
  • Get a student permit – This should take approximately one to three months, but an immigration lawyer should help. Check with the high school for international students in Mississauga if they have a partner lawyer who can assist you.

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