6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Overall SAT Score

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Your SAT score plays a crucial role in your academic career. The higher your rank, the bigger your chances are in getting into your dream university or being admitted into competitive colleges or perhaps qualifying for that all-important scholarship. With proper SAT preparation in Mississauga, you can pretty much ensure a high mark that will help propel your academic dreams forward.

Getting into the right university preparation program is one of the best ways to gear you up for the challenge and demands of the SAT. Just the same, there are certain things you can do to ramp your chances of scoring well in the exam of your high school career:

  • Beef up your vocabulary. The SAT is big on vocabulary, which is why it is important to build up your vocabulary and read up as much as you can, making sure that you add new words you find challenging into your store, anytime you come across something you’ve never heard of before.
  • Don’t take study materials for granted. SAT prep books are beneficial. They can help you sharpen your testing skills and provide you with practice questions that closely resemble how your actual SAT is worded, so you can get used to answering similar types of queries.
  • Take practice tests—these will allow you to gauge your testing abilities as well as your knowledge on certain subject matters.
  • Don’t stress. Don’t forget to take breaks and allow yourself some breathing time in between your study hours. This will help you keep a good balance, which will prevent you from working too hard for the exam.
  • Take your SAT preparation seriously. Whether or not you are enrolled in an SAT or university prep course, make sure that you are taking measures to properly prepare yourself for the mental and physical demands of the examination.
  • Take plenty of rest before the exam day. This will help you pace yourself better through the test, increasing your chances of getting through each exam question efficiently and with great understanding.

By putting in work and extra study time, you’ll have higher chances of acing your SAT exam and scoring enough for that dream course, university, or program you want to be part of.


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