We take an individual approach with each student, learning their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop an effective plan. 

Our tutors are highly qualified, with years of teaching and tutoring experience. They understand the pressures involved in writing standardized tests and getting into the university of your choice. 

All of our tutors help your children study academics and learn skills for life – we want students to become confident and independent learners. 

Small Group Tutoring begins at $80/month

Private (1-on-1) Tutoring begins at: $140 /month 

Tutoring Fees (Monthly) 

Class Schedule Group Tutoring 1-on-1 Tutoring
1x 1 Hour Class Per Week $80  $140
1x 2 Hour Class Per Week $160 $280
2x 1 Hour Class Per Week $160 $280
2x 2 Hour Class Per Week $320 $560

Please contact us for fees regarding multiple students or more hours per week. 

We Create Student Success

Looking to catch-up or get ahead in school work?

USCA Academy offers customized
tutoring programs for families and students of all ages!

Some of Proven Success Stories

Some of Proven Success Stories

Math :  Two students in Grade 12 were having trouble with their Calculus teacher. They both face the pressure of being accepted into a good university.  

Under the tutoring of our senior tutor Ella, their marks increase from mid-65's to mid-85's in 1 month. These students have become dedicated students here at the academy! We love seeing their smiles as they show us their improvement!

Physics :  Mohammed in Grade 12 increase his marks from 70-85% in their first 2 months!. Since then Mohammed has continued to improve to a 95%

Chemistry: George T. increased his marks from 65% to 72% in 1 month of tutoring with Jennifer! (Great job George! Keep it up!)

IELTS: Our teacher Lina has helped several students increase their band score from 6 to 8 with her 2 month program!

And there are many more!


After every class we review your child’s progress with you to ensure your child is on par with everyone’s goals.
Each tutor is also encouraged to create reports on how the student has progressed each month. These are made available to parents either as a physical copy or electronically in our part to help the environment. 


We start with a FREE one-hour session at our academy. The assessment session reviews your child’s current academic skills and identifies their strengths and weaknesses. Each session is tailored to the students subjects and incoming concerns. If you have any questions, please contact the office where we’d love to tell you more!


If you decide to enroll, we create a program sepcifically for your child. We then partner them with a teacher best suited to your child’s personality and learning needs. If you feel like switching teachers or need to change your pace at any time, just let us know! We’re all about making the student comfortable, and helping them succeed in every way possible. 

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