We Create Student Success

Looking to catch-up or get ahead in school work?

Scholars offers customized
tutoring programs for families.

Some of Proven Success Stories

Some of Proven Success Stories

Math :  student A in Grade 12 didnt study well in their home school. He now face pressure in pursuing a good university.  They come to us for help. Under the tutoring, their marks increase From 60 to 95 in 1 month. Student A got number one in his home school test now.  This student now become our long term tutoring student.

Student B increase his marks from B to A in A month.

Physics :  Students C in Grade 12 increase his marks from 70-90 in 2 month tutoring. This student now become our long term tutoring student.

Chemistry: Student D increase his marks from 50 to 85 in 2 month tutoring.

IELTS: Students  E and F increase her band from 6 to 7 in 1 and half month tutoring.

There are more and more…..


After every class we review your child’s program to ensure your child is on par with their goals.
Every twelve classes we share a report to review your child’s progress together to make sure both your child and family are happy with Scholars


We start with a FREE one-hour session at our Centre. The assessment reviews your child’s academic skills and identifies their strengths and weaknesses.


If you decide to enroll, we create a program sepcifically for your child. We then partner them with an Ontario certified teacher best suited to your child’s feelings and learning needs.

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